The book “Guerra alla natura. Riflessioni sugli ultimi sviluppi delle manipolazioni genetiche in campo agricolo e zootecnico” is out

Guerra alla natura. Riflessioni sugli ultimi sviluppi delle manipolazioni genetiche in campo agricolo e zootecnico [War on nature. Reflections on the recent developments of genetic manipulations in the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry] is out.

Edizioni Monte Bove – December 2018
172 pages
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With this book we would like to draw attention to the issue of the biotechnologies, in particular the developments that they have gone through in recent years in almost total silence. The days of GM opposition seem far away, but this has in no way disappeared and continues to be produced and tested in research laboratories with increasingly sophisticated techniques that are premonitory of ever more disturbing scenarios.
Today genetic engineering intertwines closely with other ‘life sciences’, such as nanotechnology, neuroscience, synthetic biology, as well as the development of IT, robotics and artificial intelligence thus strengthening the advancement of technology, which is upturning the world as we know it. Technological advance that not only characterizes all aspects of the system of domination (war, repression, the economy), but is also invading more and more aspects of our lives and relationships.
On the one hand this advancement has its own physical character because it is created in laboratories, research centres and other structures of the system, is fed by electricity networks, optic fibres, cables, control units, pylons, servers etc.; on the other it is supported by a scientist ideology that determines blind trust in progress and a reductive mechanized vision of the world that is solely functional to the logic of exploitation and control. At the present time the biotechnologies are an outstanding example of this and are considered one of the leading strategic sectors of the restructuring of the capitalist system.
This book deals with analysing the most recent developments of research in this sector, especially in Italy, puts them into an historical context so as to demonstrate their contiguity with previous industrial agriculture politics and techniques, reflects on their implications and finally identifies some of those responsible in the hope that new forms of struggle against them will flare up.

[Translated by actforfreedomnow!]

The book “I Giustizieri. Propaganda col fatto e attentati anarchici di fine Ottocento” [“The Avengers. Propaganda by the deed and anarchist attacks at the end of the nineteenth century”] by Gino Vatteroni is out in Italian

The book I Giustizieri. Propaganda col fatto e attentati anarchici di fine Ottocento [The Avengers. Propaganda by the deed and anarchist attacks at the end of the nineteenth century] by Gino Vatteroni (Monte Bove Editions) is out in Italian.

From Giovanni Passannante to Gaetano Bresci, twenty years of individual and class revenge. Not only a chronological and encyclopaedic collection of anarchist attacks on the lives of the tyrants who terrorized under the governments at the end of the nineteenth century but also a necessary study on the economic, social and political context of Italy after the unification, also with an outlook on France in ’94. An armed war on the liberal State waged by a minority of exploited. That very State had no scruples about torturing, imprisoning, banishing, shelling, and above all defending a society where millions of peasants lived in mere survival conditions and workers in the cities were literally consumed by the rising capitalist machine. Well before fascism, the greatly praised Unity of Italy was based on the blood of the majority of the population.

Exploitation till death and cruel repression are not only the exclusive prerogative of a totalitarian State or an exceptional phase of political life, they are fundamental elements of this damned country and all forms of government. We would like this book not to remain on dusty shelves, a fetish to be collected in the professional or dilettante historian’s pantheon. We would like this book not to remain dead words. May the gestures of these untamed comrades shine once more, with their example, on the road of those who don’t resign themselves to the status quo.

248 pages, names index, bibliography, recycled paper, cover with wings.

10 euros, 6 euros for distributors.

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Poesie dialettali e di protesta – scritte dal 1985 al 1989 [“Dialectal poems of struggle and protest – 1985 to 1989”] by Domenico Salemme is out in Italian

The book Poesie dialettali di lotta e di protesta – scritte dal 1985 al 1989 [Dialectal poems of struggle and protest – 1985 to 1989] by Domenico Salemme is available within the collection La Sibilla of Edizioni Monte Bove. Preface and introductory notes by Franco Di Gioia.

Domenico Salemme is no professional poet – he’s a proletarian and an anarchist from Calabria who chants simple concepts in theses verses, mostly addressed to his fellow townspeople in Grisolia (Cosenza): from sneering at the election swindle and its protagonists to the denunciation of the conditions of misery which the State and capital force on the poorest, from the tragedy of migration to life in prison. Words that were often read, leafletted and handed out at outdoor anarchist talks. Domenico decided to publish the poems because people are always asking for them. Even if they were written in the 80s they are still totally topical because they talk about problems we still experience today.

«Quantu dispiaceri e divisiuni creja l’immigraziuni
ma da sembri l’anu vulutu lu Statu e li patruni

[So much pain and division immigration creates
but the State and the bosses have always wanted it].

Edizioni Monte Bove ☾ La Sibilla

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