The book “Guerra alla natura. Riflessioni sugli ultimi sviluppi delle manipolazioni genetiche in campo agricolo e zootecnico” is out

Guerra alla natura. Riflessioni sugli ultimi sviluppi delle manipolazioni genetiche in campo agricolo e zootecnico [War on nature. Reflections on the recent developments of genetic manipulations in the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry] is out.

Edizioni Monte Bove – December 2018
172 pages
5 euros
5 and more copies, 4 euros
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With this book we would like to draw attention to the issue of the biotechnologies, in particular the developments that they have gone through in recent years in almost total silence. The days of GM opposition seem far away, but this has in no way disappeared and continues to be produced and tested in research laboratories with increasingly sophisticated techniques that are premonitory of ever more disturbing scenarios.
Today genetic engineering intertwines closely with other ‘life sciences’, such as nanotechnology, neuroscience, synthetic biology, as well as the development of IT, robotics and artificial intelligence thus strengthening the advancement of technology, which is upturning the world as we know it. Technological advance that not only characterizes all aspects of the system of domination (war, repression, the economy), but is also invading more and more aspects of our lives and relationships.
On the one hand this advancement has its own physical character because it is created in laboratories, research centres and other structures of the system, is fed by electricity networks, optic fibres, cables, control units, pylons, servers etc.; on the other it is supported by a scientist ideology that determines blind trust in progress and a reductive mechanized vision of the world that is solely functional to the logic of exploitation and control. At the present time the biotechnologies are an outstanding example of this and are considered one of the leading strategic sectors of the restructuring of the capitalist system.
This book deals with analysing the most recent developments of research in this sector, especially in Italy, puts them into an historical context so as to demonstrate their contiguity with previous industrial agriculture politics and techniques, reflects on their implications and finally identifies some of those responsible in the hope that new forms of struggle against them will flare up.

[Translated by actforfreedomnow!]