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Contacts and requests for books

All requests for books should be sent to our contacts.

E-mail: edizionimontebove[at]riseup[dot]net
Address: Edizioni Monte Bove, viale della Repubblica 1/a, 06049 Spoleto (Pg), Italy

Methods of payment and shipping costs

The payment methods will be specified following the request. Discounts for distribution vary depending on the title and the series.

Shipping costs, in Italy, vary according to weight (1.50 euros up to 2 kg, 4 euros up to 5 kg). For shipments abroad, costs also differ according to destination (approximately between 5 and 20 euros for most European countries, but may vary).

This website

On this website, all new publications and those available in the catalog will be reported. In addition, the presentations of the books, any initiatives related to publications or which may be inspired by them and sometimes the reviews will also be reported.

Edizioni Monte Bove

Edizioni Monte Bove are an attempt to self-handling editorial collective, carried out by some libertarian individuality. Besieged by ignorance, we are increasingly convinced that cannot exist for anarchists dichotomy between theory and practice, but that one is necessary to the other, and vice versa.

Against every master, also of ideas, we love the free cultural diffusion, abhor the idea of private property rights, and therefore all material published by Monte Bove is free from copyright. Anyone can copy, translate, photocopy, photograph, post it on the internet, quoting the source or not, all material that is published by the editions.